The Furry Support Staff

I figured since I refer to them so much that maybe they should have their own page.


Jeb, at 11 is the oldest of the herd. But don’t let age make you think this Corgi is slowing down.  He is definitely the ruler of the roost and leads with an Iron Paw. Most of the others give him a wide berth and are even terrified of him…..Jeb loves Mr. Whippy’s ice cream and butt rubs…Jeb’s dislikes include nail clipping, puppies, and I’m sure there are others i just can’t list them all.



Bailey follows next in chronological order, being an 8 year old. He is considered the most handsome of the staff, but I am a bit prejudiced where Jeb is concerned. But no….Bailey is absolutely beautiful, so much so that he is often referred to as “she” to the delight of my son…..NOT!!! Bailey is Justin’s best friend and Justin is Bailey’s world. Bailey is a black tri Australian shepherd and I owned his grandfather and great grandparents.DSC01705


Next up is Minxy, a 6 year old Black bi Australian Shepherd.  Minxy is one tough cookie! She is lean and can give every single one of these dogs a run for their money. I call her my Black Beauty. She is very quiet and a touch on the weird side, but I have no doubt she would protect everything and everyone on this property to the death.DSCN3758 - COPY


Next is the most vocal of the group and probably the cutest….a 4 year old Pembroke Corgi named Sassy. Whoever named this dog pretty much nailed it.  She definitely has the yappy Corgi thing going on.  She is agile as a cat and smart as a whip…in recent months she has become a bit antisocial where the other dogs are concerned, but you can’t help but love that awesome Corgi grin!