Yep I’m a Party Animal!

Good Saturday evening my homies! It has basically been a beautiful day with the exception of a couple of pop up storms. I wasn’t able to take advantage of the gorgeous weather outside today. I will explain why in a few.

I’m hanging with the furry support staff this evening. Yep I’m a party animal! Minxy and Sassy are sticking close to me because of the last storm. Jeb is sound asleep, as I think is Bailey and puppy has been exiled to Justin’s room for a while.

So, this happened this morning. It was relatively early. I let the dogs out in two separate groups because Jeb can’t be let out with the puppy. I was in the process of getting ready to go to the grocery store when I realized I had left the window open in the back door. As I turned to go close it, I tripped over the puppy who was trying to get to the door in the hopes of slipping past me. I went down hard across the top of the puppy gate and landed on my wrist, shoulder, and left hip, while bumping my head on the door jamb to my room. I laid there bawling like a two year-old. After about ten minutes I heard a “hello” at the front door, thankfully it was my sister. She came running to me and yelled for her friend to come help. I eventually got up but was dizzy probably from the bump on my head. How I didn’t break anything totally escapes me. I will certainly be feeling it for the next few days. Old age doesn’t allow for quick recovery times. And the funny thing about the whole incident is that while I was laying there I kept hearing the song Miss Grace by the Tams all the while having a picture in my head of the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” woman from the commercials.

So here I sit with Sassy and Minxy, left leg propped up on pillows, binge watching chick flicks, and remembering all the times my son, Justin has joked about getting me a LifeAlert and thinking maybe its not such a bad idea. Had I been seriously hurt I would not have been able to call 911 because my phone roams in this house. I guess I could use Alexa if that is possible. Now in have something to research.

Posted below is a photo of my family at Christmas!

Well I’m gonna sign off now. Hope you all are giving extra time, scritches, and lubbins to the furry support staff.

Enjoy what’s left of your weekends. Take care of yourselves. Listen to me preaching laid up here like I am.

I love you all most ardently. Remember, when that weekend traffic road rage starts to hit…

Play nice y’all…