My Contradictory Life…. the explanation….

My Contradictory Life was started on Facebook last year. You can go look to see the previous posts.

This title describes my life in many ways. I can throw an eastern North Carolina small town accent at you in a minute, but I am also a grammar Nazi at times. I am a college graduate but preferred to avoid teaching lest I be jailed for strangling a mouthy child or parent. I work in a retail position at a very popular chain restaurant.

I am an artist or well I make an attempt at it. I had a piece accepted into the Dog Museum in St. Louie and another accepted into the International Museum of the horse at the Kentucky Horse Park. Yet another work was licensed by the Chincoteague Natural History Association. I work mostly with acrylics and charcoal and I will paint on anything that doesn’t move out from under me.


Work related, I have worked in retail mostly, but I have also work as head cashier for A family owned restaurant, I was a cartoonist for Hoflin Publishing, I managed a Movie Gallery, I was a substitute teacher (found out that’s not my cup of tea), and I was a dog groomer/kennel help. I have a degree in English Literature from East Carolina University, but again the substitute teaching showed me that I don’t have the bail money it would take for me to be a teacher.

I was born in south Jersey on the very day that Marilyn Monroe died, August 5, 1962 (reincarnation??? Yea…no!) My dad was in the Coast Guard and stationed at Cape May, so I was a military brat. After my parents’ divorce in 1969, I and my siblings moved to a small town called Pamlico in eastern North Carolina to live with our dad’s parents. That was the simplest and best times. My dad remarried in 1973, to a woman who was only 12 years older than I am. But she raised us like her own and for that I will be forever grateful. Emma Lupton is my rock and is quite possibly the most talented person I know.

We moved to eastern Virginia where I graduated from Churchland High School in Portsmouth. Then it was back to N.C.

I am a divorcee and a widow. My first marriage ended after 15 years. My second was very brief, as cancer took Jeff late in 2011.

So, I feel like my life has been and is a series of contradictions . As time goes on maybe you will see why, or maybe you will think it’s not so much, but it’s how I feel.