Holiday Season is Upon Us!

Good morning my peeps!

And welcome to My Contradictory Life!!! Hope you all have awesome plans for your Sunday!  I ,fortunately, have the day off which means game day in this house!!! With a die hard Redskins fan and a die hard Eagles fan living here, game day can be quite interesting here.  I myself, could care less and pretty much just serve as a referee when things get a bit out of hand.  My plan is to not be here when the two teams play each other on December 30th. You know, self preservation and all!!

The furry support staff is up and moving around.  Beagle (Roo) is chasing his tail. It seems to be stalking him and he has about had enough of that. It does not want to cooperate at all, so he is giving it a good chase.  Occasionally, he gets dizzy and does a bit of a wobble when he comes out of an especially wild spin session.  It takes a minute to gain back his balance, but as soon as he does the pursuit continues. You have to admire his dedication! Bailey and Blankie (the Weim) are vying for a choice spot on the couch with Kayla. Bailey has seniority and he knows it, but Blankie loves him some Kayla and will not relent. Bailey however, is oblivious to his advances. The Corgi team and Minxy are asleep!  They spent a good part of the early morning outside patrolling the yard for any trespassers or passers by.  They definitely earned their keep this morning.

Things are finally beginning to look up around here.  We suffered a bit of a rough patch mid week, but we finally turned things around by the end of the week.  The big news is that Kayla finally found a job in her field!!! Woohoo!!! Thank you, Jesus!!! Patience and persistence are definitely virtues when job hunting.  Yes it is possible that you might have to take a job and is below your education temporarily, but eventually with a little perseverance it will come to you. Now with both her and Justin working, I will have a bit of relief from the bills and maybe some things can be repaired around here.  Lord there is so much to do!!! With a lot of faith it will get done!!!


I have been thinking on a topic all week, but it was escaping me until I worked yesterday.  Today is the beginning of Retail Hell Week! It actually started this past week, but S**t is about to get real!!! I understand that folks begin to get in a holiday frenzy and I understand that these are high stress days. However, if you are feeling like this, what joy are you getting from the holidays?  I have never been one to stress over the holidays, mostly because I start Christmas shopping for the next year the week after Christmas. I made the mistake of doing Black Friday once with my late mother in law Bertha Nassef.  I swore that day I would never take part in that holiday hell ever again and I haven’t.  The big deals are just not worth the stress of being knocked around, shoved, run over, and stomped on, plus I don’t have the personality or the bail money that would be required for me to take part in that annual chaos!! I prefer online shopping where I can order what I want, generally have it shipped free in the comfort of my own home.  People seem to be particularly rude during this time and especially towards the sales people in the stores.  Let me just say, someone being rude is not exactly incentive for sales people to be helpful.  We are trained to do whatever it takes to make the guest experience enjoyable at Cracker Barrel, however that doesn’t make it alright for the guest to abuse an employee. Thanksgiving day is the single most busy day at our store, but is also the most stressful.  We have never taken reservations and we never have, but I guarantee we will get at least 20 calls asking us to put someone on the wait list.  I’m sorry that will not happen.  We do have an online wait list for parties of six or less,yet at least one will say they have six but come in with more. That will only get you at the bottom of the list with the correct number of people. And one major hint….children count into the number in your party whether you bring them in walking, or in a stroller, or in a car seat. All of those count as 1 each in a party. That goes for anywhere you go.   What it all boils down to is that we have rules to which we have to adhere, those rules being changed for one person isn’t fair, nor it is wise, because then others will expect the same consideration.  Before you know it all the rules fly out the window and chaos ensues. Then things get really stupid!                    So please remember, the sales people in whatever place you choose to shop are people too. They don’t deserve to be abused or harangued. If someone tells you they don’t have the item for which you were looking, it’s not that person’s fault. No one can make an object magically appear just because it’s what you want. Most of the time they know exactly what stock they have in the stock room.  Asking more than one sales person to go look for what you want is not productive either.    

 Please, while you are out shopping this holiday season, try to exercise patience and kindness.  A moment of kindness can go a long way. We try our best to honor your requests, but it’s hard to be polite and nice when someone is being negative in your face. We are eager to please, it’s not only our job but as retail sales people it is also our specialty!

Well, that’s all for today….I’m sorry my rant went on for longer than normal, but it’s something that kind of sticks in my crawl. Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday.  It’s quite a beautiful day so if you aren’t watching a game, find yourself something fun to do outside. Take those furry friends out and spend time with them. You and they will be happier for it. Love and scritches to them and extra biscuits as well. 

As you head into your Thanksgiving week make sure to stop and take time to reflect on that for which you are truly thankful. I’m am thankful for all of you and my family, friends, and my furry support staff.  I am also thankful for my God given talent that has allowed me to reach so many more people and meet so many wonderful new friends.

So, even when your holiday shopping isn’t going as well as you planned, please remember…

Play nice Ya’ll…..