Heart to Heart

Good morning all you weekend warriors! Today begins the close to your weekend. I hope you are able to close it strong! I haven’t checked the weather for the day, but I’m quite sure that it just might rain! Imagine that?

The furry support staff has all had breakfast and two have settled for an after breakfast nap. My grandpuppy Bailey is positioned so he can see my every move, just in case I might happen to walk by the treat canister. Jeb and Sassy are surveiling the backyard. I can hear Jeb growl occasionally, but it seems nothing too egregious is being detected during their reconnaissance, otherwise I would hear Sassy, loud and clear! Minxy is laying on the couch (a new activity for her) with both left legs hanging off, while her body and right legs and head are on the couch. She appears to be comfortable, but not entirely relaxed.

Today is my birthday! An amazing 56 years old, am I. Amazing in that some days I feel 86 and others 26…depends on the weather lol. I was actually born the day Marilyn died in 1962. I’m not really believing the reincarnation thing, but hey if she had been shorter, chunkier, and a brunette, I guess it would be possible. Lolololol…. All kidding aside, birthdays kind of lose their lustre after a certain age. I guess in the early 20s is when it becomes really no big deal. Grandma no longer gives you the annual underwear/socks gift, which really came in handy, unless you wear Victoria’s Secret type undies. Never would you expect grandma to be in a place like that searching for your drawers, lol, more likely they came from Roses or Wal-Mart and were made by Hanes. Sound familiar anyone? Anyhow, birthdays become a big deal again once you hit a certain age and your family is celebrating the fact that you are still around. They take you out to eat and you’re the one getting socks and undies now. I’m not quite to that stage yet…

Today, I want to do a follow-up on the story of Butterfly Kisses who died tragically a week and a half ago and I want to introduce you to someone special.

This is Trigger, son of Butterfly Kisses, heart of Angie Conklin Abell.

Trigger is the son of Butterfly Kisses, who is now owned by my Pony friend Angie Conklin Abell. Angie is a realtor on Chincoteague island. Angie purchased Trigger at the Pony auction the morning before his mother’s tragic death. It had been planned that he would return to the refuge and be allowed to stay with his mom until October to make sure he had a good start when he went to his new home. That, however, all changed that day. The vet agreed to let Angie take him because she had an amazing support staff to assist her in his nutrition and weaning process. He had a friend come along, another foal about the same age, so he has company. You can already see the connection Angie is developing with this little guy. He seems to have completely relaxed and accepted her as “mom.” It is a beautiful story developing between these two and I cannot wait to see how it unfolds. The good news is that we will all be able to see him grow up and no doubt thrive under Angie’s care. What a blessing she is to this colt!

This photo needs no explanation….except “Heart to Heart”

If he is half as beautiful as his full sister Smooch, he will be a heartbreaker!

Judy’s Little Smooch by the amazing photographer Nicole Menta

Thanks to Angie for allowing me to update this story and for the use of photos.

Well folks that is all I have for the day! Luckily I have the day off! The first time I had my birthday off from work in quite a while. No plans….still recovering from Pony Penning week…lol.

Remember to spend some time with the furry ones. They wait all week for you to be off its only fair they be included in your activities or a least have time allotted for their patience and perseverance. Have a biscuit and scratches party!🎉

You all have a great rest of your weekend. I love you all most ardently!

Play nice y’all….