Talent…in the eye of the beholder

Good evening all you happy people! Guess what! You are on the southern descent into your weekend. I know you all are giddy with excitement! I know I am. I get to spend the weekend in my happiest of places, Chincoteague, Virginia, thanks to my daughter. Lord knows we both need this!!

The furry support staff is outside on patrol and is noisily declaring their ownership of all they see. Not sure what or who has them in such a tizzy, but I am quite sure whoever it is, has been properly told off!! More than likely being cooped during the hottest part of the day, has them all on edge and just a bit testy.

So, I have been taking part in several webinars to help me get this blog off the ground and working for me. Last night one of the exercises was to ask 5 people to describe you with three words.  I asked five friends, most of the answers I kind of expected. Artistic, came from three of the five. I got a couple of funnies, a couple of lovings, but the one that showed up most prominently was sarcastic.  I thought that was kind of funny, because I never realized it was that noticeable.  Heck, my bestie didn’t stop at five. She just kept rolling them off. LOL!!! It was a fun and eye opening exercise. I challenge you all to try it just to see what you come up with. You might be surprised!

This morning a friend of mine mentioned that she doesn’t have any talent, to which I answered yes you do. If I am feeling a bit down she always cheer me up!  Now that takes talent! The conversation got me to thinking, everybody has talent. It may not be something obvious, it may not be artistic, crafty, or musical, but everyone has a talent, something that is one’s niche, something at which one excels, something that one enjoys doing that doesn’t feel like a job. How boring would it be if everyone had the same talent?? There would be no stand outs, there would be nothing special, everyone would be living the same mundane, boring life and it would be sheer torture. Talent often shows itself in various ways. My son has a talent for numbers that is absolutely unreal and I call him the dog whisperer because you can take the grumpiest dog around and Justin seems to be able to calm it down. My daughter has a gift of gab that oftentimes blows my mind. she can talk to anyone about anything. My mom is talented at so many things that it almost seems unfair. I have one friend who can cook a meal that would knock your socks off, but can’t bake worth a lick. I guess the point is that everyone has a talent for something. It might be the ability to lighten a mood, as is the case with the aforementioned friend. It might be for party planning, or cooking, or cheering on a crowd. Just because you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, or can’t draw a stick figure doesn’t mean you don’t have some thing that you aren’t good at. Just because your talent doesn’t produce something tangible doesn’t make it any less impressive than the person who produces fine art.  Personally, I am an artist and I can sing (I have perfect pitch), but I am not good with young children. Yea they are cute and everything, but I don’t do well with them. I don’t have the talent or patience for teaching, nursing, and a whole range of other things that some of my friends do. I don’t envy them at all for that…that is their niche, definitely not mine. So don’t sell yourself short! Don’t say you don’t have talent. You do, it may not look like someone else’s, but that is what makes us each a unique being. If your talent looked like mine and mine looked like yours, we would soon run out of things to talk about and it would just plain torturous. You just be good at being you, don’t judge your worth by what you can and can’t do that someone else can. That’s just silly!!

Well folks I’m off. Still lots to do before I leave tomorrow. I’m gonna leave you with photos of the shells I painted this week. Taking them to Blue Crab Treasures tomorrow afternoon. I hope you all have a marvelous weekend. I love you all most ardently, kind of like a fat kid loves cake, and I love cake!!!

Make sure the furry loves have plenty of water if they have to be outside. Also, if you take them for a walk please remember to keep them off concrete and asphalt. it burns their pads just like it burns your feet. Provide extra scritches when possible!

Keep cool and watch the road rage this weekend….

Play nice ya’ll…