Regroup, Refresh, Rethink…..

Good almost afternoon my peeps!!!! Hope this finds you somewhere cool which would not be outside.  ERMERGERD!!!! I stepped out onto the back deck……barefooted! It felt as if I had stepped on asphalt! Yikes!!! Please make sure if you have to be outside that you are being properly hydrated and take breaks as needed. No job is worth your life! If it is already this hot in June, ughhhhh we still have July and August….and well September too….double ughh!!!

The furry support staff has chosen to stay inside for the day, an unusual choice for two of them. Most days I have to beg Jeb and Minxy to come in especially since Justin and Kimmy got the Beagle puppy, Jethro for whom neither cares for much,  but today they made a beeline for the door as soon as the sun came over the trees in the back yard. Please, if your furbabies are outside today please make sure they have plenty of water and shade.

So this morning I woke up with a plan. In a matter of hours that plan was completely annihilated, destroyed, worthless…..yep. I’m not really sure what manic depression looks like but I think I definitely experienced something similar to it this morning all before 10 am. I was to the point of tears but I kept yelling at myself to not have the mental melt down I felt coming. I eventually began to pump myself back up by saying you can handle this, you’ve got this, it can be figured out. At that moment my son, who is out of town for work called. He heard the strain in my voice as I explained to him what was going on. He said “please don’t cry over it Ma….we will figure it out when I get home.” Shortly after the call I spoke to a friend via private message and I ran a few ideas by her.  Talking it out with her finally had me saying to myself “Suck it up, buttercup!” And voila!!! I have taken my blog to the next level. You will be hearing more from My Contradictory Life, regularly. I will plan a recipe page. I will be adding links to friend’s businesses and sites. So, please share our page with your friends and relatives.

Shout out and safe travels to my bestie, Susan and her sister Jen. They are travelling north to see their Dad.  Hey ya’ll, tell Geeza I said “Wassup!”

Please if you can support my friend Deb Ober and her Chincoteague Pony Rescue. There is a link to her Facebook page here. This woman is amazing and does so much for those ponies.

Alright well, I gotta get movin’. I’m setting up my online store for my artwork today on Shopify! Lots to do!!!

I’m leaving you with one of my best sketches yet, “The Queen’s Last Roundup,” featuring the late Chincoteague mare Surf Queen from a photo of her at the 2018 spring roundup. The

Everyone please as I mentioned earlier take care of yourselves on this steaming hot day.  And please make sure the furry support staff is seen to as well.  Scritches and an extra biscuit to those furry loves for having to put up with you.

I love you all most ardently.

be kind, be ever mindful of the other person, and when you feel you can’t keep it under wraps…

Play nice ya’ll….


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