Yea it’s me!

Hi all my happy weekenders!!! It’s Sunday and its coming to an end soon. Sorry to deliver that need….lol. Yes it’s me and I am back for a bit. Gotta few things driving me a bit crazy so….yea here I am

The furry support staff is all inside because of the coming storms….Jeb and Sassy are pretty much crashed at the moment…puppy I’m sure is looking for a place to pee other than outside. Sitting here listening to 80s music courtesy of my new friend Alexa. She is awesome!!!

So today I screwd up a bit. I thought I was off today, which I usually am on Sundays and when I looked at this week’s schedule on Wednesday before I left work it said I was off today. However, the schedule evidently was changed on Thursday morning ing before it was posted and I never looked at the online schedule…oops…my bad! So I was very late for work because my phone was dead, even though several of my co-workers have me on Messenger and could have easily sent me a message,but still my mistake. I am woman enough to own this one.

Anyhow, my rant this week is gonna be about rules. Rules are in place for a reason. More likely because someone took liberties with a privilege that went beyond what was allowed or expected. There are always one or two in the crowd. I see this at work all the time. Folks not wearing the proper uniform, wearing tongue rings or eat bars, or something as simple as not buttoning up the uniform shirt correctly. These rules are company policy. Even more offensive are those who break the rules by bringing purses to work or who go to their car to smoke. Again…company policy. Then the one that really burns my hide are those who break the rules where the wild ponies are concerned. Promise you, the rules there were set more to protect the ponies from idiots than the other way around. Aprroaching these animals closer than 50 feet is against the law and carries a hefty fine. Yet folks walk right up to the most aggressive stallion on the island during foal season when the mares who have already foaled are going into their foal heats. One was even so bold as to stand their young child next to said stallion. What is wrong with people???? And I may step on some toes here, but it’s not just newcomers to the island. I have seen several photos showing folks who know better walking right behind these animals, lucky they didn’t get a swift kick in the arse! There is no entitlement here. The rules include everyone, not just people who are visitors or new to the scene. I am so irritated and disappointed with the whole thing. I cannot say as I blame the Chincoteague fire dept. for opting to take Riptide and his mares out of harm’s way. People did this, people who think they are exempt from following the rules.  I cannot even tell you how steamed I am about this. Does my opinion matter? Probably not, but I can also promise I’m not the one that feels this way! Ok rant over…..better stop before I get angrier than I already am.

Well, you all please enjoy what’s left of your weekends! I’m off tomorrow, but have lots to do around here. Love and scritches to the furry ones and give them an extra biscuit!

Be looking for a special announcement here shortly…I should have one soon! No, I’m not pregnant!!! What is wrong with you people???? I know that what you were thinking!! And no I’m not gonna be a grandmother, just push that one right out of your heads. Work with me here people?? Bahahaha….it will be coming soon be patient already…geesh!

I love you all most ardently! Take care on your way into work tomorrow cause I would miss your face!!!

Play nice y’all…..



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