Good Coffee!


Good morning peeps! Hope this day finds you up and ready to face the day that leads into your weekend. I am sitting here enjoying a cup of Cafe du Monde coffee before I get started on my day’s activities. This is good coffee!! I never liked chicory coffee until I tried this. So I’m guessing Amazon will be the way to go in order to have it regularly.

The furry support staff is quite grumpy this morning. I have a sneaking suspicion its because of the new addition and his sometimes annoying nipping. It also could be because Kimmy has them all on a diet. Jeb and Bailey both look a bit more trim than before I left.  The newbie is a very young Beagle puppy named Jethro that Justin and Kimmy rescued. He’s cute, but cute isn’t winning him any points with the older dogs…at all. I’m doubting his age a bit. They were told he was 8 weeks when they picked him up. Unless he was an exceptionally small runt, I would put him at 8 weeks now. Its going to be quite interesting to see how he grows up around a passle of herding dogs.

I was asked yesterday about the website for the Chincoteague Pony Rescue so here it is…

Please use this address to help out.

So while I was in New Orleans I bought a voodoo doll. He’s so ugly he’s cute. Haven’t used him yet so no one can blame anything on me yet….lolol, but when I figure him out…look out!!!

I was looking at my travel map and I added two more States to my list. The only states I haven’t been to in the east are Rhode Island and Vermont. All the gulf coast States have been visited, all but Cali on the west coast.  That’s 27 States in all. So now I need to take care of the middle!

The spring roundup for vet checks was held on Chincoteague island last weekend. Of course I missed it because I was still in Alabama. The filly CLG Wild Star that went missing in December didn’t come in, so she is presumed dead now. How very sad, she was so beautiful and she was one of my favorites to paint. Several others didn’t come in including one of the older stallions that was half Arabian, Phantom Mist. It was a tough winter for these ponies as could been seen in some of the photos taken during the roundup. Hopefully green grass will help nourish the poor creatures, especially the mares that are carrying foals. One of the newer colts CLG ToMorrow’s Tidewater Twist, took on the big stallions in some mock fighting. This guy is only a year old but he was protecting the fillies he has been living with for the past year. He will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years. He is the younger stallion seen in the photo above taken by Tracey Clinton.

Well folks I have to get this day started. Lots to do! You all have a most marvelous day. I love you all most ardently!

Love and scratches to your furry support staffs, remember they love the weekends when you are home just as much as you do.

Play nice y’all….


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