I’m Outta Here!

Good morning all you water logged peeps! Yes I know it has been a while, but I really haven’t had much to say, well that’s not completely true, I always have a lot to say, I mostly just say it to myself and work it out on my own.  I have been super busy trying to get caught up before I leave. I intend to do a log of my upcoming trip to Alabama, so I will be on more frequently over the next few weeks.

Is it my imagination or has it rained quite enough in the past month. And from my understanding the north east is about to get slapped again.  the photos of the crashing waves, the lack of water in some places, and the snow amounts have been like something from a disaster movie!!! I pray that all my friends to the north stay safe through this next approaching storm.

Praying that the water soon subsides on the Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge so that the ponies are safe here at the beginning of foaling season.  Two foals are already on the ground in the northern compartment, so far none have been seen south where the flooding is widespread.  Speaking of the ponies, one of the fillies, CLG Wild Star (shown below), that the Chincoteague Legacy Group bought to return to the island has not been seen for a couple of months now.  We are hoping that she is just hiding out and that she will make an appearance during spring roundup next month. Photo credit Deb Noll.


Anyhow back to things here.  The furry support staff has had breakfast and now all are napping until I let them out at daylight. I had to put Jeb and Bailey on a diet, so their breakfast consisted of a cup of dog food and a cup of green beans and carrots.  Bailey seems to love the veggies in his food, Jeb on the other hand is not as impressed. The girls, Minxy and Sassy are quite sure they are missing out on something, but these two eat onions, so anything would be considered a treat to them.   Jeb has turned into quite the bully when it comes to me doing his nails.  He will let Kimmy do them at the groomers, but if I try he whines, growls, cries, and snaps.  Not sure what the difference is now, but I got them done yesterday after quite a struggle.

Today is my last day in my home store until the end of April. Saturday I will be heading to Alabama for five weeks at least. I am so ready to go!!! Bags are packed, just waiting on the plane…lol! When I spoke to the opening supervisor I asked her “can I leave yesterday?” She didn’t think it was possible…dangit! I will miss my furbabies terribly, but I am really anxious to get this trip started. Prayers to my friend and co-worker who won’t be able to join us because of medical concerns.  We love you Rosa!!!  My roomie this trip is Suzan (Pumpernickel), whom I adore!

So, dumb me started a rather engaging project here only a few days before I’m about to leave for Alabama for five weeks. The project called “Pixie’s Posse” is to feature the strong willed young Chincoteague mare Pixie Dust and the band of other ponies including the 2016 buyback group and two young stallions Beach Boy and DLS II, a total of about 11 ponies…yes ambitious at best! Anyhow, I get the subjects laid out like I want and put in the background and begin the foreground when I realize…
“Sharon, you are an idiot!!” I had gone through all this work and had forgotten the most important element in any painting called “Pixie’s Posse.”   PIXIE!!! Ugh…. I did manage to get her in and it actually worked out well. I imagine this painting is going to have to wait until I get back to be finished though.

A special shout out and congrats to my dear friend, author, Lois Szymanski on the publishing of her newest book, Chincoteague Pony Tails (Pictured below).  I got mine last week and read through it immediately.  The short stories inside are great!  It is available on Amazon along with most of her other books. It would make a wonderful gift for any die hard horse fan of any age….hint hint….Easter is coming soon!!! So is Mother’s Day!!!Lois book

Well I guess it’s time I should be getting busy, lots to do before I leave. I would like to ask a special prayer request for someone very special in our lives. I cannot go into detail quite yet.

Take care of your furry support staff!! Remember you are their world! (I know the grammar there is absolutely incorrect, but I’m taking liberties here).

I’m leaving you with a few photos of my latest projects, one of which will be going to print very shortly. There is another huge project I am working on but that will have to remain hush hush for the time being. I am very fortunate that I am never bored! There is always something to do in my world.

Be kind, be careful, be mindful. I love you all most ardently!!

And remember even when that one person who grinds you last thin good nerve is stomping all over it….

Play nice ya’ll…….



One thought on “I’m Outta Here!

  1. Linda Sands says:

    Great to hear from you…I hope you have safe travels to & from Alabama. Your pictures are amazing; I especially liked the dog. So lifelike & it appears to be caught in a thought about something. Again, thanks for updating the gang and I truly hope you see some great sights. Love you my friend!!


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