Winter Storm Warning…Yikes!!!


Good frosty morning all you little snow bunnies! Or well soon to be, in some places. Hope you all are getting those final preparations done for what looks to be a major snow event from the Carolina coast to the north. Can’t help but be concerned about the beloved ponies on Chincoteague, but they are tough and smart.

This morning the furry support staff got business done quick and all four were waiting to be let back in without any coaxing. Currently after enjoying breakfast, everyone is laid back down contemplating an early morning nap. Jeb is actually at my feet snoring. Tough life!

I’m suppose to work a 4 hour shift tonight from 6-10 but we will have to see what conditions look like before that trek across several bridges and a couple of overpasses is tackled. My car is so light, it wouldn’t take much to send it into a tail spin.

So I have seen several, no…..many snide comments about the reactions of people in eastern North Carolina to a snow event. And while, yes sometimes when a “dusting” is called for and folks empty out the grocery stores of bread, milk, canned goods, etc…it seems a bit ridiculous. I think maybe the jokes might be a little too harsh. Yes, we are situated in a spot that rarely gets any snowfall, yes…folks tend to overdo it, but wouldn’t one be smarter being better prepared than not prepared at all. So, you have extra groceries….good for you! My main concern is that folks won’t take this upcoming event seriously enough! The last major ice event here was a few years back and the number of accidents just from people trying to get to work, was unbelievable. People, unless you have a life threatening emergency that requires medical attention, don’t drive in hazardous conditions. You aren’t only risking your own skin!

Please take care of those fur babies over the next couple of days. Of you can’t bring them in, make sure they have lots of dry bedding, and plenty of fresh water. For my horse owning friends, if you don’t have a heated water tank, add a couple of tablespoons of salt to a gallon jug along with about 3 cups of water. Place two in your water tanks, it will keep the ice layer thinner so the horses can break through. Last year I used soda bottles the same way for my dogs’ outside water bucket. Extra scritches, biscuits, and love to all those furbabies!!

Everyone please, please take extra care and time on the roads tonight if you have to be out. According to WITN’s Jim Howard, it could possibly begin several hours earlier than expected. Keep watching your forecasts!

I love you all most ardently!

Do me a favor, if you like these blogs please share them with your friends. I’m trying to decide whether or not to keep them going. Also leave any comments here, I need to know who is reading them. If there is enough interest , I plan to take it up a notch and go on the world wide web. In addition, I will be creating a recipes page here. So, please check out the site and add your favorite recipe.

Today’s feature photo is my favorite winter scene ever. The photo was taken by long time friend Diana Lewis. This location is iconic to many people who live in, or have visited my home county of Pamlico, because it represents home.

Thats all for now. Be safe, be kind, be patient, and by all means

Play nice y’all….





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