End of Year Recap

Good morning all you icicles! OMG it is cold out there!! Please take extra care to keep warm if you are headed out for the next few days. The temps will be in the teens nightly so make sure the furry support staff is warm as well.

Speaking of furry support staffs, mine just had a bit of a scrap going on. Minxy stepped on Jeb and he didn’t appreciate it at all. It turned ugly quick as she is the only one that won’t back down from him. In the process of separating them I reinjured my hip, so once again the pain is excruciating.  Now all is quiet as if nothing happened.

Today I wanted to recap what has been a stellar year for myself and CorgiNuts Sketches. Who knew that last Christmas when I began the 16 Stallions of Chincoteague sketch that it would be the benchmark for my best year yet? From the original sketch being purchased by the CNHA in January, to seeing my prints and note cards being sold in the Bateman center on the Chincoteague Wildlife refuge, to having my art being sold at Blue Crab Treasures on the island, it has been a wonderful year. I have met some amazing people, mostly women who banded together in 2015 to form the Chincoteague Legacy group. The group boasts many remarkable women in their own right! Together they are a force to be reckoned with.  There is an amazing bit of talent in the group from artists, to authors, to musicians, etc…. One of the highlights of my year included meeting a large number of them at Pony Penning in July. I will never ever forget many of the moments experienced from that amazing week, including Jody McClure Shook doing the Marshmallow Roast dance. Lolol! This year also produced the CLG Surfer’s Blue Moon print, which was very popular in its own right, and still is. Having note cards printed from my foal sketches was yet another first and they also did well. Both the Stallions of Chincoteague and the Blue Moon print were accepted into the Kentucky Horse Park library.

I also met someone, who to me deserves Horsewoman of the Year award, Debbie Roys Ober. Deb runs the Chincoteague Pony Rescue and she owns her own stable Hawkeye stables. Oftentimes she pretty much runs daily operations on her own. Occasionally she has volunteers, but for the most part she does this singlehandedly. The rescue takes on ponies that have been discarded for whatever reason, sometimes housing as many as 30+ ponies at a time. Deb never judges the situation that brought the pony there, she simply says “Life Happens,” and rolls with it. She just wants to get her hands on the pony and begin preparing it for adoption into a forever home. Even when she is double-dog tired after spending the majority of her day outside with the ponies, she comes in to work on her other projects which includes the Chincoteague Pony registry. I am truly humbled by the dedication of this woman to the ponies. I have heard her say time to downsize one minute and the next minute here comes another pony or two, or three. Her devotion to the breed is never-ending.

For me personally, joining the Cracker Barrel Operations Training Team, was a huge accomplishment. This team is Cracker Barrels version of Boot Camp, but it is worth it. I visited places that I never even considered putting on my bucket list because I thought them to be too far out of reach. I met several Kentucky Derby winners, including Silver Charm and War Emblem. Having the opportunity to visit privately with 1980 Kentucky Derby winner Genuine Risks only son Genuine Reward, completely erased all of the aches and pains and stress of the weeks of training. Again I met some amazing people in the seven weeks I was away from home and forged a few life long friendships in Suzan, Rosa, Red, and Chrissee, and a several others.

So those are just a few highlights of this past year. There are many more, but I would have to sit down and write a book for that.

Anyhow scritches and biscuits to the fur babies, even when they are being disagreeable.

Today’s photos are just a small part of what my life has been especially like this year.

Take extra care today and try to stay warm. Remember, no one can steal your happy, unless you allow it!

I love you all most ardently!

And even when your fingers are cold they feel as if they are about to break off….

Play nice y’all…..


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