And so it goes…


Good morning all you exhausted folks! I’m sure many of you had a whirlwind weekend and Monday and now comes the cleanup and back to work. Sucks, huh? Fortunately, this is my week vacation so I will, hopefully be able to do the cleanup and get caught up before I am completely hurled back to the reality of work. For those of you hitting the road in eastern NC, be extra careful. My back deck is a sheet of ice this morning!

This morning the furry support staff has begun the morning nap early. The sleet did not impress them at all.

I took a very abbreviated trip to Chincoteague on Christmas day with my daughter. We packed a lot into less than 24 hours and had a ball. Riding in a car with her is quite like riding with two or three people. She had an incident with some seagulls at Assateague beach that totally freaked her out. I was on the beach and didn’t see the beginning of this exchange, but she came to find me because she felt she was being stalked. I laughed and walked back to the car with her. As We are backing out of the parking lot I swear they heard her talking about them, because this one big gull started walking toward her side of the car, in a quite menacing manner, while his buddy was veering off to myside in a very creepy way. Not so sure Kayla was completely over reacting at that point. Lolol!!!

When we arrived on the island Christmas day we hurried to the refuge to see if we could find ponies. We were not disappointed as we rounded the curve and saw Starry night’s star and strip! Bingo!!! Well I had Kayla take pictures with my camera, once again the hilarity ensued. As she’s taking pictures Starry comes right at the car window. I got pictures of the roof of the car, the inside of the car door, and the floor board! I thought Kayla was going to pee her pants!! It didn’t stop there. So I drove to the beach and turned around and came back up beach road. A couple of the ponies had crossed to the other side, including Grandmas Dream. Well the minute Kayla took the first picture Grandmas Dream came straight for the car window. I have never seen my daughter move so fast!!! I got more photos of the windshield, the car door, and the floor board.   I laughed so hard, I nearly peed my pants as well! And not a single photo of Grandmas Dream!

So goes the Great Seagull and Pony Conspiracy of Christmas 2017….

In all seriousness though…this behavior by the ponies might suggest that people are feeding them. This makes it a dangerous situation all the way around. Especially for the ponies!

Today’s feature photos are from my happy place, including those Gangsta Gulls! Hey y’all how about do me a favor…call or write Cracker Barrel and tell them to put one on the Eastern Shore!!! I would move so fast, I would leave skid marks!!!

Anyhow, time to get busy. Love and scritches to the furry ones!Careful out there today!

I love you all most ardently!

Play nice y’all…


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