Happy Christmas Eve! (Retail rant Part II)

Happy Christmas all my little elves! It’s crunch time! It’s down to those last few hours before the big guy has his turn, illegally entering homes all over the world to leave goodies for everyone. Hope you all have been good…lol… Hey?? Did you know that the Oak Ridge Boys did a song called “Happy Christmas Eve?”  It is a beautiful song…look it up on YouTube!

I’m busy finishing one final thing that I will be dropping off in Norfolk on my way to my happy place. Had planned on staying a week but the weather will probably change that from the looks of it. But I re it that maybe I can get that way sometime between store openings later in the year. I’m sure hoping so, because the island is calling my name….and loudly!

Today’s feature photos are two scallop shells I painted for my dear friend Lois Szymanski. It was an honor to be trusted with painting Ryley as she recently lost him.

The furry support staff has finished supper and everyone is chill right now. At least until the kids come home. Then it will be chaos!

So as hinted in the title I have an addition or P.S. to my retail rant from yesterday.

Today as we do every Christmas Eve we closed at 2. We had someone call today to ask what time we close and that person was told 2. Well can I make a reservation? I’m sorry we don’t take reservations. Well we have a party of 18 and we’ll would like the back dining room. M’am we don’t take reservations. At this point we can’t even promise you will be seated together, there is an hour and a half wait. But if you are open until two you have to seat our party of 18 regardless….yes M’am. Well we don’t want to be seated apart so we will wait until you have the tables altogether. M”am we can’t do that. We have to seat you when your time comes up. We close at 2. Well, what if we want to shop after eating….after 2 there will be no shopping m’am…the store closes at two. Well we are going to be there at 1:45 except two will be running late. M’am your entire party has to be here in order for you to be seated. If you have someone arriving after two we cannot seat them…My boss to me…”I am speaking English, right?”  I am completely losing it by then…lol.

Another guest arriving at 2:30. Sorry m’am we are closed…can I at least get a pie? We are out of pies. Can I pick up a card? The store is closed m’am….well there are people in there now. Yes m’am I realize that. They came in before we closed to eat. But no one is allowed in after 2. Well why in the world would you close at 2 on Christmas eve? Not touching that one lady, I’d lose my job……lol Oooookkkk!

But by far, everyone’s favorite…gentleman , and I use the term loosely, comes in for gift cards. Sweet little Mary tells him we are out of gift cards. His response…well y’all are useless!!!

My manager, “Thank you sir, Merry Christmas and have a nice day!!”

Thank God it’s over!!

Love and scritches for the furry ones!

Be safe and relax…you’re almost there…

play nice y’all….


One thought on “Happy Christmas Eve! (Retail rant Part II)

  1. Linda Sands says:

    Well you surely had an interesting day to say the least! Some people should just have a muzzle put over their mouth during any holiday, but especially during Christmas. You truly are an expert at handling ‘rude & obnoxious’ folks!!
    Merry Christmas and I hope you get everything on your wish list to Santa!! 🎅🏼🎄☃️🛷🎉🎅🏼


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