Merry Christmas my peeps!

coffee and corgis

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!! Hope all your shopping is done and you are allowed to relax and enjoy the quiet time before the storm. The furry support staff is happily munching away on breakfast. Am I the only one who loves that sound?

Had a most awesome dinner at Wimpie’s last night with one of my most favorite people, JP! If he hadn’t had to be in Virginia last night we would probably still be sitting at Wimpie’s. Our lunches or dinners usually go like that, 30 minutes to eat, hours to talk. It was great to see him!

Working an evening shift at the Barrel today and then working until 2 tomorrow, after that I am off for a week! Yipeee!  I need this one! This retail season has been especially stressful, littered with stressful people.

Why is it that folks feel it necessary to bully retail sales people? I mean seriously? That vintage ceramic Christmas tree you wanted, came out in freaking August! That was four months ago, did you honestly think they would still be around now, or did you think we were gonna save one especially for you cause we somehow miraculously knew you would be coming for it the week before Christmas? And honestly I don’t have the ability to shit one out. So, there is no need to get nasty with me or my manager, or even her boss, because none of us possess that talent! Oh and after you have asked myself or another 4 star skill trainer if we have a particular item and we have exhausted all avenues to make sure we don’t when we tell you we don’t, please don’t go to a Rising star and ask her to check for you. They are just figuring out where the cash registers and bathrooms are. If you send one into the back room to find something, it’s quite likely we won’t see her for a while because she will still be back in the stock room thirty minutes later still looking for the item we told you we absolutely do not have.

You tell me or another associate that we have an attitude, well quite frankly, no I didn’t have one until your special self came up. So, thank you for that!

And oh the joy of chip readers! Once I am finished ringing your purchases, the screen on the reader says and very clearly says “Enter Tip”. If you don’t want to enter a tip guess what you do? Press zero and OK! That’s all! Simple right?? Well apparently not that simple….if it asks you to enter your tip, why would you enter your total balance prior to tip? And then tell me I did something wrong? I have no control over what happens on that side of the cash stand, so that’s all on you Skippy.  Then we have the person who doesn’t read the screen at all and just stands there expecting the thing to take over and know what he or she wants. I’m sorry but I like my money and I want to know what’s going on with it. I’m not going to trust that a machine is going to know my wishes and respect my love for my money.  Could chip readers be a little more user friendly? Sure, but in this world of identity theft and folks liking your money at as much as you do it has to be somewhat difficult in order to protect the buyer. The lackadasical attitude towards your money ain’t gonna get ya nowhere but broke!

Two words…Pay Attention!

Oh wow! Sorry for this rant…it’s be a rough couple of weeks. In retail, the Joy of Christmas is when it’s finally over!

Anyhow, I hope you all have a most joyous and wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. Make sure you include the furry support staff, remember they have also stuck by you all year and loved you even when you didn’t like yourself much. Its hard to beat that kind of unconditional.

I love you all most ardently! Be careful on the roads, folks are crazy!

Merry Christmas to you all🎄

And please by all means even when you come across someone who isn’t carrying the spirit

Play nice y’all….


One thought on “Merry Christmas my peeps!

  1. Linda Sands says:

    You are truly gifted with telling it like it is!! People who work in retail definitely need to receive an award just for showing up to deal with all us folks who buy stuff. An Oscar would be appropriate or at least a huge bonus in money. I love to read your posts and miss seeing all the gang. Rick will be coming home in 2018 and maybe we can all get together somewhere to welcome him back to the States. Just a thought.
    I wish you and all your family (along with all your furry support staff!) a very Merry Christmas and the best New Year ever!!! I hope 2018 will be your best year ever. Love you!! Linda


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