Long time no blog…yea I know…but…

received_10214186236465645Good evening all you little elves!!!

Guess what? I’m back!!  Dealing with a bit of a migraine this evening so bear with me. But I wanted to say “hey!” Yea, it’s been a while!!

The furry support staff missed me while I was gone and is proving it by not letting me out of their sight when I am home. Though the thought is nice, it can be rather unsettling and precarious when trying to navigate an obstacle course of dogs and their toys.

My life has been quite a whirlwind over the past few months. As most of you know, I joined the Operations Training Team for Cracker Barrel. For lack of a better phrase, it was quite like Cracker Barrel Bootcamp! I did learn a lot and I have never worked that hard in my home store….never! But I did have fun and I met some amazing people, from Red and Chrissee, my trainers,  to Rosa my dear friend, to Suzan, the bread to my butter!!! Wonderful people!! We worked very hard but we also played hard. I did some thing I never thought would be possible. I want to the Pacific ocean and walked in the coldest water, I went to Mt. Saint Helens, and visited a town called Cougar. While in Kentucky, I knocked off a couple of bucket list items, by visiting the Kentucky Horse Park and the Old Friends farm, where I met several famous horses, including Silver Charm, War Emblem, and Touch Gold. I was allowed to spend private time with the only living son of the 1980 Darby winner Genuine Risk. Also, I went to the Cincinnati zoo, the Newport Aquarium, and a variety of other places I would have never thought I would go.

All in all it was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to see where the next adventure leads

So, now for a few things to cover.  Please if you are considering a charitable donation for the end of the year, keep my friend Deb Over in mind and her Chincoteague Pony Rescue. She does amazing work and she helps so many. I honestlymwish I could helps her more.

Please keep my friend Lois Szymanski in your prayers. Dealing with the loss of a pet is never easy. When that pet is your heart dog it’s worse. R.I.P. Ryley

I love you all most ardently! Please keep the holiday spirit and have a Merry Christmas!

Play nice y’all



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