Good morning people!  It us Tuesday….or double hump day…or Monday’s ugly step sister.

First let me apologize for my absence the last few days.  We attended my daughteKayla’s graduation celebration in Wilmington NC. My bestie Susan came down and of course we had to explore. So, posting was not doable.  Will post more about our excursion later.

Anyhow I’m back!. The furry support staff did well with their pet sitter Staci over the weekend. I’m quite sure my VP of “everything is mine” will not let me forget that I left him home and took the VP of “Justin is my world” instead.  Even though I told him he gets to go to Pony Penning, I will pay penance. Looks like I may have to take him to Mr. Whippy’s for ice cream.

Today’s blog is gonna be a short one. I have to be at work at 9. I’m gonna leave you all with the latest art works I have completed.

So remember to give your furry ones lots of scritches and plenty of water and biscuits.

Your mission for the day is to make someone smile. Its Tuesday and no one is  happy about it.

I love you all most ardently.

Play nice y’all. …




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