Don’t Let Them Steal Your Happy!

Good morning all you worker bees! Your descent into your weekend has begun.

This morning finds the furry support staff thankful yet again for being saved from the thunder monster. Everyone is conked out! Even the VP of “it’s all about Justin” came into my room at 1 am for reassurance. I wonder if they will ever figure out that the thunder monster never actually gets to them, or if their fear at the moment makes it impossible for them to remember?

Today will be spent putting the final touches on the painting below….I am beyond pleased with this! So is the owner of the horse and that is exactly what I needed!

Have you ever come across someone that was just plain miserable all the time, complained all the time, and wasn’t happy unless everyone else was just as miserable?  Yea… too. Truth is people like this are toxic. This person will bend any ear that seems available and will spew out his or her toxicity until he or she sees results. Only then will this cancerous person be happy. The shame of it is how it spreads and affects the atmosphere whether it be a job, a group, or even a small town. Whatever the situation it can lead to misunderstandings, hurt feelings and a plethora of other reactions. The effects are often far reaching, sometimes devastating, and occasionally cause irreparable damage.  Those that recognize what’s happening often sit by and watch in absolute amazement at how quickly it can occur and are helpless to do anything about it. Others ignore it, thinking lack of recognition will make it go away. I probably am guilty of both reactions depending upon the situation. If it affects me directly I’m gonna be vocal about it though. You can’t let folks like this steal your happy.  Only you have control of that! Your happiness is yours…..

Well I have got to get to work……you all have a most wonderful Thursday as you slide into your weekend.

Extra scritches and live to the furry support staff. They are patiently waiting for your weekend too!

Be safe, be kind, and watch out for the other guy……

Play nice y’all…….



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