Good Tuesday morning all you patriots! One of the few days in the year when most everyone considers his or her self a patriot, even die hard Redskins fans!!! Lololol! Happy Independence Day!!!

The 3/4 of the furry support staff is out patrolling the backyard and scanning the neighborhood for ne’er do wells, free ranging dogs, and the occasional stray cat. Seems something has their ire up!  The other 1/4 of the staff, Bailey is curled up in his master’s lap in the recliner and both are sound asleep. That dog is in complete bliss right now.

I’m working a closing shift today, so laundry and painting are on the agenda until then.

One of my PFFs (Pony Friend Forever) photographer Amanda Paoletti sent me an 8×10 photo print of one of the foals I sketched for note cards. What a sweet gesture! Can’t wait to have it framed!!!

So today is our country’s birthday, today we celebrate our country’s independence from British tyranny. Today we celebrate our country winning the fight against “taxation without representation.”……..Wait wut??? I don’t know about you all, but I’m feeling taxed right down to my toenails. And not once can I say I have felt that congressmen, congresswomen, governors, etc., have represented me, my friends my family, or anyone I know.

Here is an example of how Congress has no clue…..Servers, waitresses….anyone who waits on you at a restaurant and makes tips. In North Carolina, the “cash wage ” of $2.13 minimum is the lowest in the country (no surprise there). So an employer can hire on servers at this amount. Now most companies do allow for raises based on performance, longevity, etc….but rarely is that more than 50¢ each raise…and most often it is 25¢.  Most of the servers I know have to use that pittance to pay taxes on the tips they make. I don’t believe tipping should be mandated either. I despise going to a restaurant where an automatic tip is charged. My tip for a server is based upon performance and satisfaction, so telling me that I will pay this amount is rather presumptuous. At my job, cashiers ask everyone who pays with a card if they would like to leave a tip on the card for the server. If that person says “oh I left it at the table” I have to take them at their word, I can’t say “are you sure?” So last week a party of 30+ came in at 9:25 pm (we close at 10). It was a travelling ball team including coaches, parents, etc…Their server is without a doubt one of the best and I have no doubt she waited on their every need and desire. The total bill for just the team that was paid by one of the coaches was $137.00. There were about four sets of parents with siblings travelling with the team and they each had separate bills. Total tip left for this server was $5 by one of the parents paying separately. I felt so bad for the server…..

The problem is Congress continues to vote on keeping this cash wage low. It has changed little in the past two decades. How many of them do you think would be willing to live off that wage? Most will never have to….instead single mothers and such will continue to fill these jobs and until they all come together it will not change.

So the irony is today we are celebrating independence from one frying pan while we stew in another…..Queen Elizabeth recently said that the U.S. is a failed experiment in democracy….I tend to agree.

Anyhow, you all have a wonderful day!

Extra scritches to the furry support staff and remember the fireworks you are enjoying may well be scaring the heck out of them… turn up the television or music and for heaven’s sake, please don’t take them with you.

Get that road rage under control folks and until next time…

Play nice y’all…




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