Good morning my peeps! How’s it hangin’? Yep it’s Monday….again…..though some of you might have the week off. Others may have tomorrow off….and then there are those of us who are not fortunate enough to work where they do…..lolol.  Hopefully everyone survived the weekend! This is the first year in I don’t know how many that I didn’t attend the festivities at the Croaker Festival in Oriental. Felt kind of odd…..but duty called. Oh well…..

The furry support staff is acting like they partied hard to celebrate the 4th. My VP of “all that he can see” is tucked up under the patio swing watching everything going on around him. I’m kind of shocked at my “minister of hygiene” Minxy who came in for breakfast looking like she had stomped through a mud hole. “Her Sassiness” came in and stole Jeb’s new baby (toy). I must remember to tell her to claim temporary insanity when Jeb finds out. The VP of “it’s all about Justin” is moping behind the recliner because his Daddy went to work, poor fella.

Anyhow, I’m off from my “real” job today, so sketching, painting and drawing are on the agenda. Lots to do….

Saturday I received a book in the mail that was authored by my dear friend Lois Szymanski called “The True Story of Miracle Man.” A must read for any young girl who loves horses/ponies. Hoping to get mine signed by the author during Pony Penning.

Welcome to My Contradictory Life!!
Today is the first day of the rest of this circus I call my life!
The sign says not my circus, but this is my circus and I own the monkeys!!!
So from here on out, I plan to use them for my benefit!!!

Today’s subject is labels….not the ones on material things but those we place on other people and ourselves. There are labels that are objective, mine are or have been daughter, mother, wife,divorcee, Yankee, widow, southern, military brat, artist,student, employee, etc….just to name a few.
But there are also labels that are subjective, labels intended to either compliment or define, or even inflict verbal injury. My list includes white (though I am part Native American), fat (depends on who is looking), racist (never have judged someone one their color), bitch(yep, I must own up to that one some days), and a plethora of other labels based on appearance, attitude, first impressions, and ignorance.
Why do we have to label people? I have friends….lots of them….I don’t label them by saying that’s my white friend, that’s my black friend, that’s my gay friend, that’s my liberal friend, and so on….if you are my friend…..YOU ARE MY FRIEND, obviously you mean enough to me that I consider you as such. DISCLAIMER!!! I make an exception where my bestie is concerned, because I may have to threaten someone with the short red head on occasion. Bahahahahaha!
I think most of this derision is caused by outside sources, media, advertising, corporate America, and a host of others trying to dictate how we live, how we see people, and how we judge others. They treat everyone like sheep knowing that if one jumps the rest will follow. We have got to stop allowing this to happen.

Ok there endeth the rant lol
I really must go now….my furry support staff is being more than noisy this morning and I’m afraid they might make the neighbors grumpy!
Everyone please have the most awesome day possible.
Please share this page with your friends and your friend’s!!!
I love you all most ardently!!!FB_IMG_1498989929366_kindlephoto-8170379

Today’s featured photo is Kachina the Chincoteague mare enjoying a good old fashioned roll in the dirt. Looks like fun but I’m not suggesting anyone try it….lol.

Remember to make someone smile today…and by all means
Play nice y’all


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